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The Carlton Dance vs. Marsha Brady's Nose

It's the greatest sitcom dance of the 90s vs. the original Brady football controversy!

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The Carlton Dance

258 votes

Marcia Brady's Nose

The case for The Carlton Dance

There are a few songs out there that when the first couple beats come on, you just know how you're going to be moving. Thanks to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air's resident dance master, any time those first few beats of "It's not unusual" start to emanate from the speakers you know you're about to be swinging your arms side to side while snapping and swaying your hips. — Traveller519

The case for Marcia Brady's Nose

One of the most famous moments in Brady Bunch history. And apparently Maureen McCormick had to do several takes of the scene with a stage hand throwing an actual football at her face. What a trooper! Still, it's hard to feel too sorry for her, since even with her busted-up schnozz, she was still unfairly hot. — Bumblebee84070

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