The 1987 Oscar Nominees For Best Costume Design, As Understood Via Interpretive Dance

Well, 'understood.' Lord knows THIS correspondent doesn't understand how Lauren Bacall let herself get involved in this...whatever this is.

What the hell? Tasked with introducing the nominees for Best Costume Design at the 1987 Academy Awards (Room With A View took the statue), Lauren Bacall had to host a very mid-'80s fashion show whose conceit was how the nominees of today -- like The Mission; come on man -- would become the fashions of tomorrow. This, despite the fact that 1) most of the nominees were for period piece, as usz and 2) the band's fern-bar-jazzy accompaniment was dated the minute the notes left the trombones.

How'd you find this...whatever this is? Reader PizzaKari gave us the gift of that sequinned meringue c. minute six, and noted, "A friend and I were discussing Jenny Beavan yesterday, the boss bitch who won Best Costume Design at the Oscars for Mad Max and wondering what she wore when she won for Room With A View oh those many years ago. Which led to me finding this...which is...SOMETHING."

That's the truth.

Who cares? Fans of massive mutton sleeves; people who complain that the Oscar ceremony has gotten too bloated and sigh that it's a good thing the superfluous dance number of years past have mostly gotten retired; critics who suspect Bacall's reputation as a self-important bad sport may have been overblown.

And for what it's worth, Beavan styled an almost identical pantsuit/scarf/untamed center-part curly lob back then to what we saw at last year's ceremony. This commentator doesn't understand why more ladies don't change into Chucks after the red carpet, and is therefore here for it.


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