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Supercutting The Republican Debates The That's-What-She-Said Way

Making America gross again.

What the hell?

The so-called "sexist supercut" of the Republican debates from the summertime is basically a remix of all the "your mom" soundbites from said debates. I'm not against this idea in theory, but in practice, one utterance of the word "penetration" out of that human toadstool Scott Walker is about seventeen too many. Fortunately the vid's short:

I...miss Jeb, kind of, a little bit?

I know, buddy. Me too. I mean, if he were actually still running I don't think I'd be too keen, plus the mental picture of him padding around a Florida condo in his underpants, eating cookies drizzled in BBQ sauce for breakfast and asking the wife to pull his finger when she's on a conference call, is pretty appealing.

You've written a fanfic about a governor.

IS IT "FIC," THOUGH?! ...I stand by it.

Who cares?

It's interesting to look back just a few months and remember that we -- well, I -- believed that Melania would have clocked the presidency as a pay cut and kiboshed the whole thing before the conventions. Meeeeemorieeeeees...


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