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Sterling K. Brown Classed Up The Joint As A Detective On Tarzan

Alas, it was still Tarzan.

What the hell?

Look, everybody's gotta eat. No judgments. The trailer for the WB's misbegotten Central Safari Park West take on Burroughs's Tarzan is below.

And you can watch one of Sterling K. Brown's two episodes right here, although you...may not want to bother.

Why's that?

Everything you've heard about the show -- boring at best, campily terrible at worst -- is true, but you may have forgotten, as I had, that literally half of SAG was in this miscarriage. Lucy Lawless, people! Not to mention Sarah Wayne Calliezzzz as the lady lead. No thanks.

Who cares?

I also did not know that creator Eric Kripke (Supernatural) had so cheerfully talked shit about it, calling it "a piece of crap" and "a hell ride in every way." So my opinion of HIM has gone up, in any case.