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Sterling Archer's Voicemail vs. Mustard-Free Clothing

It's the most annoying on-going prank on TV vs. a musical tribute to dry cleaning triumphs!

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Sterling Archer's Voicemail

375 votes

Mustard-Free Clothing

The case for Sterling Archer's Voicemail

If I ever called someone and encountered this nonsense on their voicemail, I'd contemplate doing murder. But since it's Sterling Mallory Archer... well, it's still annoying, but it's also still pretty damn funny. You have to admire his commitment to the keeping the bit going for so long, making them more elaborate as the seasons go on. — Jennifer

The case for Mustard-Free Clothing

The famous musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer has a lot of great moments--almost too many to choose from. But when the Scoobies wonder whether they are the only ones living in the musical world, the answer is brief, brilliant and hilarious. — Krista B.

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