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'Stephen Colbert' Transforms Into Stephen Colbert, Face Off Transforms Men Into Women...

...and should Playing House transform Keegan-Michael Key into a rom-com star? We're chewing on all of it in Lunch And A Show!

At very long last, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert has premiered, and while my post counted down the three best moments that actually aired last night, there's a bonus online-only clip that's worth checking out too. As you may have read, second guest Jeb Bush used his appearance on the show as a fundraising shill, which Colbert turned around on him by running his own fundraiser to benefit the Yellow Ribbon Fund, allowing a raffle winner to write a question for Colbert to ask Bush. $183,000 later, here's that question.

While "Stephen Colbert," Republican Pundit, was busy turning into Stephen Colbert, Network Talk Show Host, Face Off had the facetestants turning male models into female Shakespearean characters, as was done in days of yore: Monty Ashley covered all the draggy fun, which even the artists themselves got in on, because who can resist a comical wig?

Elsewhere, with Playing House winding up its tragically short second season with a devastatingly romantic episode, Vulture's Margaret Lyons has a heartfelt plea: Hollywood, please turn Keegan-Michael Key into a rom-com leading man! HOW HASN'T IT HAPPENED ALREADY?!

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