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So Long, Farewell, Until We Meat Again

Cliffhangers, cold cases, and more from the horror genre in Lunch And A Show.

Hello again, lunchtime readers -- it's the last week of summer, and we're saying goodbye to it here at PTV East Coast HQ with a blast of hot, humid weather. We're also saying goodbye to Intervention for the season, as the show struggles to clothe one noddy subject; saying goodbye to (read: "fleeing") a couple bit-up characters on Fear The Walking Dead; and bidding Hannibal farewell, at least in its NBC iteration.

Just can't let go of the "murder husbands" quite yet? Here's series creator Bryan Fuller on the ending; EW's Jeff Jensen called the finale the "Reichenbach Falls ending" to the series; AV Club's Molly Eichel deemed it a "perfect finale" for Will and Hannibal; and Alan Sepinwall calls the ender a "corker" (and links to his own interview with Fuller).

And while Smithsonian Channel's new limited-edition joint The Missing Evidence got in on the weekend-gore act by hailing a new suspect in the Jack The Ripper case, horror fans said goodbye to an old master over the weekend when Wes Craven passed at age 76.

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