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Silverware on the Ceiling vs. Settle For Me

It's some illogical logic vs. a practical proposal with a certain sense!

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Silverware on the Ceiling

327 votes

Settle For Me

The case for Silverware on the Ceiling

Franklin Sherman's bits on The Critic were usually pretty layered - as soon as you got the joke, it zigged and zagged. This is a perfect summation of that approach, with a rapid-fire premise/heightening/reversal that has always been one of my most-quoted "Critic" lines. — Dave S.

The case for Settle For Me

For the poorly advertised, uneven, guaranteed to be short lived Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the musical numbers are the creative and comedic bedrock. And for good reason: They're catchy, hilarious, and secretly hiding a sadness within all of us.

For such a new and changing show, there's no communal "favorite" or "strongest" number. I just deleted a case for an entirely different song. But Settle for Me is a solid pitch for the best parts of the show condensed into one earwormy nugget: expertly performed, a pitch-perfect parody of the classic Fred and Ginger number and actually quite heartbreaking.

10-time champs Jack Donaghy and The Walker, Texas Ranger Lever are gone, my friends. Settle for me. — SweetChardonnay

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