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Silent Dialog vs. Pikachu Picks

It's the best gig on TV vs. the time a silly cartoon got the emotion right!

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Silent Dialog

92 votes

Pikachu Picks

The case for Silent Dialog

Can you even get your SAG card by sitting silently on a barstool and having all the action revolve around you? For 90-something episodes? The Lurian Morn (after Norm on Cheers) was a frequent customer at Quark's bar on Deep Space Nine. He also showed up on The Next Generation and Voyager, but despite being described as very social and a big talker, the man never uttered a word. Granted, it must have been tedious for the actor to have that special affects makeup applied every episode, but after that it was smooth sailing. Laryngitis, stuffy nose, hangover, tongue surgery? Not a problem! — LJD

The case for Pikachu Picks

For the most part Pokemon is pretty empty emotionally. But the time they got it exactly right was when Ash attempted to leave Pikachu with his own kind... and Pikachu picked Ash. It's sappy, kind of annoying and silly (no doubt even sillier in English than the original) and... yet somehow still totally works. — Kromm

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