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Silent Dialog vs. "Big Bird, Mr. Hooper's Not Coming Back"

It's the best gig on TV vs. that time Sesame Street got real!

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Silent Dialog

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"Big Bird, Mr. Hooper's Not Coming Back"

The case for Silent Dialog

Can you even get your SAG card by sitting silently on a barstool and having all the action revolve around you? For 90-something episodes? The Lurian Morn (after Norm on Cheers) was a frequent customer at Quark's bar on Deep Space Nine. He also showed up on The Next Generation and Voyager, but despite being described as very social and a big talker, the man never uttered a word. Granted, it must have been tedious for the actor to have that special affects makeup applied every episode, but after that it was smooth sailing. Laryngitis, stuffy nose, hangover, tongue surgery? Not a problem! — LJD

The case for "Big Bird, Mr. Hooper's Not Coming Back"

The first time your heart broke may have been this. — Kromm

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