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Sick, Sad World vs. Blerg

It's Lawndale's best TV show vs. an epithet and an Ikea rip-off!

152 votes

Sick, Sad World

216 votes


The case for Sick, Sad World

Possibly the best running gag throughout Daria's run, the show featured such topics as The Severed Pianist, Babes in Thailand, Freeloading Familial Phantoms, The Declaration of In My Pants, The Immaculate Confection, The Jaywalking Dead, and Rabid Rodent Rip-off you would always get the story, next, on Sick, Sad World. — PoliVamp

The case for Blerg

Back when I worked for a low-end furniture company, I had to put together many bookcases, etageres, coffee tables, and other pieces. I got pretty good at it, but once in a while a part would be missing, or I'd rush through it and have to take it apart when I realized I missed a step. Mumbling "Sauder" under my breath just doesn't have the same effect as Liz Lemon's choice non-cuss word. — Mark Eyechart

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