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Scully Calls Mulder 'Poopyhead' vs. Sisko Punches Q

It's Gillian Anderson's flawless delivery of a faux endearment vs. the fisticuffs heard 'round the gamma quadrant!

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Scully Calls Mulder 'Poopyhead'

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Sisko Punches Q

The case for Scully Calls Mulder 'Poopyhead'

When Scully and Mulder go undercover as boring suburbanites, Gillian Anderson rocks a sweater set, tacitly rejects David Duchovny's tacit offer to spoon, and expresses her contempt for everyone around her. She is MAGNIFICENT. — Jess

The case for Sisko Punches Q

He's not Picard. — Laura Grow-Nyberg

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