Scandal, Nathan For You, And Especially Beverly Hills, 90210 Will Make You Read Lunch And A Show Through Your Fingers


Well, it's finally here: the day the Again With This podcast took on the episode in which BH90210's DeadScott finally earned that nickname. For a show in which characters are embarrassing themselves, both with and without the awareness of the actors who play them, pretty much all the time, this one stands out as one of the cringiest ever -- thanks in large part to the spectacularly committed performance of Jenny O'Hara as Scott's nightmare of a mother. Here's just one tiny taste from the Visual Aids, catching Brandon and Emily frenching in her kid's room, and be warned, this glare may turn you to actual stone:



The cringes continue this morning with Scandal: as Olivia's image problems continue in the wake of her having outed herself as Fitz's mistress (say that five times fast), Kim Reed reports that Marcus immediately earns his salary as OPA's new spokesperson for publicly calling out the coded language the media is using to denigrate Olivia for being a black woman: "...and it's my favorite part of the episode even though Quinn was involved."

Last night also saw the Season 3 premiere of one of TV's cringiest shows, Comedy Central's Nathan For You. Titular host Nathan Fielder will have his work cut out for him trying to top Dumb Starbucks, but his aggressive price-matching plan to help a Pasadena electronics store compete with a nearby Best Buy is a good start. Comedy Central's clips autoplay so I won't embed it here -- you're welcome -- but both a preview of Fielder's pitch and the full episode are live over there.

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Finally, Justin Theroux visited Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote not just The Leftovers, but a feature film he starred in and directed, inspired by one of the most cringe-inducing viral videos of recent memory, which I present with another warning: it may change your lunch order today.


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