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Sawyer Reads Judy Blume vs. Elvis Darling

It's Lost's bad boy reading about menstruation vs. !

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Sawyer Reads Judy Blume

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Elvis Darling

The case for Sawyer Reads Judy Blume

Sawyer read a lot of books on the island - Watership Down, Animal Farm and Carrie to name a few. But when we saw him reading Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret., we figured he was finally running out of reading material. Of course, Sawyer had an opinion: "Predictable. Not enough sex." He should have read Forever. — LadyNebula

The case for Elvis Darling

Show me someone who wasn't insanely jealous of Clarissa Darling's pet alligator, and I'll show you a damn liar. Elvis was the single coolest pet on television, save maybe Dino Flintstone, and probably set a dangerous precedent by making young, impressionable Nickelodeon viewers think that keeping wild animals as pets was a great idea/awesome. — Jennifer

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