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Samurai Towels, Yo Gabba Kicks, And Sesame Shirts: Gifts For Kids'-Show Fans

Lunch And A Show's got your loot for the young (at heart) viewer!

Welcome back to the Previously.TV holiday gift guide! Yesterday, we brought you our best suggestions for crime-show-fan giftees, so it's only natural that we transition today into gifts for people who like kids' shows! Who are not always kids, so you may end up adopting a "one for the nipper, one for me" policy here!

Our favorite gifts for kids'-show lovers, in alpha order according to show:

  1. Adventure Time
    Kill the time between present-opening and Christmas dinner with a few rounds of the Epic Gassy Jake Game.
  2. Doc McStuffins
    The Get Better Check-Up Center starts future physicians on their path. Owned by our own EHG Face Off correspondents Liv and Ellie!
  3. Gravity Falls
    It's a little pricey, but a handmade shiny golden journal like the ones on Gravity Falls shows you value the littles' thoughts.
  4. iCarly
    Make sure you're on time for the Nickelodeon iCarly weekend marathon with a digital watch (and keepsake box! although does anyone actually keep those sakes? I'm asking, here).
  5. MasterChef Junior
    Up the odds of getting an edible breakfast in bed from the kiddies on Mother's/Father's Day with the MCJ Breakfast Cooking Kit.
  6. Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood
    Read all about Tim Madigan's relationship with everyone's favorite gentle sweater-wearer in I'm Proud Of You: My Friendship With Fred Rogers. If it's for your dad, you can wrap it in a trademark cashmere-blend cardigan.
  7. My Little Pony
    I never watched the show, that thing looks like a nightmare re: catching on sweater sleeves, and I still kind of want this MLP charm bracelet.
  8. The Powerpuff Girls
    Cosplay Blossom and the gang with a cute felt mask. (Hands off the hedgie mask, though; I'm buying that one. Um, "for my niece.")
  9. Regular Show
    Think ahead to summer footwear: Regular Show flip-flops!
  10. Ren & Stimpy
    Okay, this maybe isn't the most kid-appropriate kids' show -- a certain college basement maaaaaay have defined "kids" as "20-year-olds ripping bong hits and chowing Crispix"? -- but a customized It's Log pillow really spiffs up the old frat couch, no? Pay for it with some ducats from your R&S-in-space wallet.
  11. Samurai Jack
    Jack's back in 2016! I KNOW! In the meantime, dry off with a beach towel depicting one of Jack and Aku's many epic battles.
  12. Sesame Street
    Celebrate the children's classic's move to HBO (right? just trying to think positive here) with a vintage-style tee or a set of Cookie Monster hair clips.
  13. Spongebob Squarepants
    Build your own Lego Bob with this deluxe kit that apparently includes a bubble-shooting mechanism?
  14. Teen Steam
    There's a bunch of copies of this trip into the neon, oddly-fonted maw of 1988 kicking around the internet, if your Secret Santee has a VCR and a love of eighties oddities. A copy of Alyssa Milano's workout vid-cum-weird therapy sesh runs you about $25.
  15. We Bare Bears
    Cute panda; commentary on social media; snuggliness: this hoodie has it all.
  16. Yo Gabba Gabba
    Kick up your heels with DJ Lance Rock in these adorbles slip-ons.


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