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Rhoda's Wedding Sprint vs. The Flying Nun's Cornette

It's a bridal race across NYC vs. Sally Field's aeronautic headgear!

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Rhoda's Wedding Sprint

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The Flying Nun's Cornette

The case for Rhoda's Wedding Sprint

One of the most watched television moments was Rhoda's Wedding on Rhoda in 1974. Rhoda had spent four seasons playing the Jewish ugly duckling to Mary Tyler Moore's WASP swan, when she met the man of her dreams and had a whirlwind courtship that ended with a proposal and wedding. In the storyline, nearly all the characters from Mary Tyler Moore travel to New York City for Rhoda's wedding. Phyllis, Rhoda's longtime frenemy, after inviting herself to Rhoda's wedding ceremony, is upset that she isn't included in the wedding activities. Rhoda agrees that Phyllis can drive her to the ceremony. Phyllis being Phyllis, on the actual day of the ceremony, forgets to pick Rhoda up, leaving Rhoda to go on a cross-borough trek from Manhattan to the Bronx in order to get to her wedding. The sequence ends with the iconic image of Rhoda running across the Grand Concourse in her wedding dress in order to make it to the ceremony. — txhorns79

The case for The Flying Nun's Cornette

What is it that allows Sally Field, as The Flying Nun's Sister Bertrille, to soar through the sky like a perky, religious Superman with bangs? Her distinctive headgear (referred to as a cornette), combined with her petite frame and the strong winds of San Juan, send the intrepid novice flying over the Puerto Rican capital, on her way to solve problems usually of her own making. The other nuns in her order wear cornettes too, but only Sister Bertrille meets the specific requirements that make flight possible, including an oft-cited alleged weight of 90 pounds. The cornette's extravagant shape, resembling a paper crane, made it an icon of 1960s television nun fashion. Even the seldom-heard lyrics of the theme song pay tribute to the cornette, posing the rhetorical question, "Who needs wings to fly?" — Michael's TV Tray

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