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Queequeg vs. Hating Jordan Schlansky

It's a precocious pup vs. Conan's low tolerance for his associate producer!

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Hating Jordan Schlansky

The case for Queequeg

This adorable Pomeranian brought out the softer side of Special Agent Dana Scully. And then it was eaten by an alligator. Because X-Files. — Dust Bunny

The case for Hating Jordan Schlansky

Conan O'Brien's longtime associate producer Jordan Schlansky must be good at his job, but seems so odd interpersonally that Conan appears to hate his guts and delight in mocking him on national television on a regular basis. This sometimes uncomfortable but often hilarious dynamic is crystallized when Conan accompanies Schlansky house-hunting. Conan's brain breaks after he endures too many of Schlansky's quirks, writing a catchy impromptu song and dance declaring his longtime staffer a "FREAK show, freak SHOW, FREAK SHOW." — L.

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