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Prince Blackadder The Punchable vs. House Karaoke

It's 'TEEEEAAAAA!' vs. House, Chase and Foreman singing Midnight Train To Georgia!

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Prince Blackadder The Punchable

112 votes

House Karaoke

The case for Prince Blackadder The Punchable

Stephen Fry as Wellington in Blackadder the Third is the pinnacle of that particular season's episodes. The Prince (Hugh Laurie) is afraid to meet Wellington, who detests him, and gets Blackadder (Rowan Atkinson) to switch places with him when Wellie visits. The childlike Prince, utterly unaware of how to behave as a servant, finds himself on the receiving end of a little more violence than he's used to. — Moo

The case for House Karaoke

We've got singing. We've got adorable choreography that includes the *toot toot* gesture. We've got House hanging out with his colleagues and actually having fun. What more could you possible want in 90 seconds of television? — Martine

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