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Predicting The Scandals PBS Has Yet To Investigate

This whole Ben Affleck Finding Your Roots business is just the beginning. We have a pretty good idea of the other skeletons the network may yet find in its closet.

  • All the "babies" on Call The Midwife are Little Person actors, and an archaic BBC loophole keeps them from being paid more than 30% what their average-sized counterparts earn
  • Brazil With Michael Palin keeps costs down by filming in Colombia
  • Antiques Roadshow's supposed expert appraisers actually gifted improv comedians with no real credentials
  • Christmas In Norway With The St. Olaf Choir keeps costs down by filming in Croatia
  • Frontline's single biggest expense budget line goes to producers' antidepressants
  • The Great British Baking Show gets all its ingredients from dollar stores
  • Masterpiece host Laura Linney films her intros bottomless
  • Jay Leno was once awarded the Mark Twain prize?!
  • Two of the History Detectives have been placed on administrative leave due to pending History police brutality complaints
  • America's Ballroom Challenge keeps costs down by filming in Mexico
  • Mr. Hooper's Store on Sesame Street employed undocumented stockboys
  • Great Estates Scotland keeps costs down by filming in Albania
  • Charlie Rose died in 2002, since which time his show has been anchored by a hologram
  • Eating Alabama keeps costs down by filming in Louisiana
  • Best Of Birds not actually the best, just a fairly random selection made by focus group participants
  • Austin City Limits keeps costs down by filming in Galveston
  • Ken Burns outsources all his research to TaskRabbit
  • Aidan Turner's celebrated Poldark physique is entirely CGI
  • The titular Orangutan Diary was more of an impressionistic journal
  • Washington Week host Gwen Ifill makes interns give her manicures
  • Jeremy Piven's Mr. Selfridge hairpiece is made from an endangered Chilean chinchilla
  • Easy Yoga For Arthritis With Peggy Cappy surprisingly challenging
  • None of the brains in Brains On Trial With Alan Alda actually appointed attorneys
  • This Old House was built in 1967
  • Despite its trappings, Downton Abbey is just a soap opera

In case you missed it: here's the shameful inspiration for this (obviously made-up) list.


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