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Predicting The 2017 Emmy Nominations

The 2013 Emmy race is so OVER. What happens four years from now?

The 2013 Emmy Award nominations have now come and gone, and with them the excitement of anticipating what fresh material might be honored this fall. It's all pretty much a foregone conclusion! But rather than twiddle our thumbs for two months, complaining about Max Greenfield's snub or Steve Buscemi's snub or Parks & Recreation's snub or all of the snubs, every last one…why not look AHEAD, to a future well beyond the scope of the current TV landscape? Can you imagine it, a future where The Big Bang Theory is just something they show at 6:30 on TBS? We sure can -- so much so that we've compiled this quick look at the 2017 Emmy nominations, transmitted directly to Previously.TV by the power of Nate Silver-style prognostication and alcohol.

Up for Outstanding Drama Series: Aaron Sorkin's PTA, a sassy behind-the-scenes look at the grandstanding and politicking of parent-teacher associations. Described by Sorkin as his "atonement, though I'd hesitate to use a word so biblically loaded" for past work that painted women as stupid, clumsy, and boy-crazy, PTA still paints women as stupid, clumsy, and boy-crazy.

Kiernan Shipka returned to TV after a few years trying to shake the emotional trauma of just playing Sally Draper, is finally nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy. The role: "Mags Belcher," a gay ice road trucker reconnecting with her Mormon family, in Chuck Lorre's latest.

Ever since Hollywood realized you can just CLEAN UP in the miniseries department, debate has raged as to what, exactly constitutes a miniseries. Is there an episode cap? Can a "miniseries" be upgraded to full series after its run? Must they star Dame Maggie Smith? After much deliberation, Octodile: The Return finally gets the designation it wants, and a record 25 nominations.

Big in Hollywood, 2017: DIVERSITY. The Fast And The Furious TV adaptation, which has become for L.A. actors what Law & Order was for their NYC counterparts, boasts 13 non-white cast members. 0 Nominations (hahaha come on), but the now long-running show nets a "Special Achievement" award, accepted by series creator Ludacris.

Best Supporting Actress in a Drama this year spells confusion for entertainment journalists and home audiences, who must distinguish between five actresses all named some variation of "Caitlin." Still, Katelyn Saunders is the easy favorite for her work on ABC's eco-friendly dramedy The Greenes.

Musicals finally get some recognition, in a form no one from the Smash era could have ever predicted. The show: China, a massive, centuries-spanning history of the Superpower told through the language of song. T Bone Burnett, long-gone from Nashville (still-humming, in a sort of OC way), provides the dynasty-appropriate score.

Modern Family is nominated for its eighth consecutive Outstanding Comedy but everyone's like boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.