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Police Squad!'s "Freeze" Frames vs. Frank Barone's Trophy Wife

It's the cancelled embryo of Naked Gun spoofing the hell out of one of TV's cheesiest tropes vs. a contest in Hell winner!

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Police Squad!'s "Freeze" Frames

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Frank Barone's Trophy Wife

The case for Police Squad!'s "Freeze" Frames

Before Top Secret!; before Angie Tribeca (but after Airplane!) there was 1982's Police Squad!, Zucker, Zucker, & Abrams' short-lived master class in cop-show parody.* We have PS! to blame for spawning the Naked Gun movies . . . but a show that did this with epilogue freeze frames should be forgiven everything. *Bonus points for being decades ahead of the curve in deep-sixing the laugh track — spaceghostess

The case for Frank Barone's Trophy Wife

It seemed like nobody could ever stand up to Marie Barone except for Frank (and on occasion, Debra.) A formidable matriarch with a flair for manipulating her relatives through soul-crushing guilt, she almost always got her way and left them drowning in her wake. When we'd get one of these "Shut up, Marie" moments, we didn't know whether to be relieved or offended. The deciding factor (and best part) was always watching the faces of the spectators, in this case, The Appliance Guy. — Khal D

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