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Plinko vs. The Other Darryl

It's the highlight of The Price is Right vs. it's the brother introduced second, but first in our hearts!

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The Other Darryl

The case for Plinko

Plinko is the greatest game on The Price is Right. I will hear no arguments to the contrary. The Cliffhangers yodel-y guy is fun, but he ranks a distant second. Catching a game of Plinko during an episode of The Price is Right on a day off is basically the highest achievement a human can meet. — Jennifer

The case for The Other Darryl

One of the great mysteries of the Newhart Universe is why William Sanderson's Larry character always felt he needed to reintroduce himself and his brothers every single time they met someone. Of course it somewhat confused things that both of his brothers had the same name, but given that in the REAL world George Foreman has five sons all named George, maybe two brothers named Darryl in a fictional world isn't that hard to accept.

Anyway, at least Larry was consistent. The first Darryl introduced was always the black haired one. The second was always the blond haired one, and he never had pride of place--always being "my other brother Darryl". But honestly I think "other Darryl" usually stole the show. He had a kind of Harpo Marx quality about him.

Anyway, lets for once put "other Darryl" first and celebrate him! — Kromm

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