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Playing House Explores Neckline Trends And Adam Pally Dresses Up For Conan In Lunch And A Men's Fashion Show!

Warning: the Adam Pally item may kill your appetite.

Men's fashion isn't a topic that gets much play around here because your editors are ladies and who really cares how many buttons a suit jacket has, but today we have to make an exception for a couple of gentlemen using their TV time to change up their lewks. First up last night was Keegan-Michael Key, forced to cycle through all the collar styles on Playing House. Yes: ALL.

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And this on the eve of the many hats he'll be wearing as Judge Jessie tonight on Key & Peele.

Speaking of the illustrious Mr. Key: this won't let you enjoy his outfit, but you can hear him on today's brand-new episode of Pete Holmes's podcast, You Made It Weird.

Later, Adam Pally visited Conan to promote a movie, Slow Learners, though he seemed much less interested in talking about that than he did about the latest of the insane costumes it is his custom to wear when he appears on the show. It's been an impressive run, but this is definitely the MOST look yet.

Coincidentally, Pally has also guested on YMIW, and his episode -- like Pally himself -- is one of my all-time faves.

In the mood for more men's fashion? The current season of America's Next Top Model is another coed season. If you're not sure if you want to commit to tonight's new episode, Alex's post on last week's season premiere may convince you that you must.