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'Piece By Piece' vs. The Golden Girls in the UK

It's Kelly Clarkson making everyone cry vs. that time (almost nobody knows about) when The Golden Girls Went to London!

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'Piece By Piece'

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The Golden Girls in the UK

The case for 'Piece By Piece'

On the final season of American Idol, the first ever idol returned back to do some judging of the current contestants, but the real moment for her was when she sang "Piece by Piece"...and then, well let's just say, it looks like Keith will never stop crying. And you probably won't either. — Bee

The case for The Golden Girls in the UK

I swear I never knew this existed until recently. Then again, I'm not British. They probably ALL know about it.

For most of us Americans, it's a previously unknown (but awesome) hidden chapter of Golden Girls history. For one thing, it's actually really well written... it's not just some lame appearance where they're mouthing words some writer who didn't quite know what to do with them wrote. Clearly this bit was written by their normal writers, and the jokes are as good as any on their regular episodes. This is basically like discovering a lost Golden Girls episode (well, at 10 minutes, maybe half of one).

Watch and enjoy. — Kromm, The Fifth Golden Girl

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