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'Piece By Piece' vs. 'Parkour!'

It's Kelly Clarkson making everyone cry vs. Schmidt's high-impact celebration!

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'Piece By Piece'

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The case for 'Piece By Piece'

On the final season of American Idol, the first ever idol returned back to do some judging of the current contestants, but the real moment for her was when she sang "Piece by Piece"...and then, well let's just say, it looks like Keith will never stop crying. And you probably won't either. — Bee

The case for 'Parkour!'

New Girl's Schmidt knows only one way to celebrate a pretty girl in his bed--PARKOUR (topping it off with some "Apolo! Ohno!")! As Nick says, "Well, at least this tires him out, right?" [Fans of giant watermarks will love this video but it is the best copy available -DTC] — Mrs. Coach

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