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'Piece By Piece' vs. One Slap At A Time

It's Kelly Clarkson making everyone cry vs. the slap-happiness of the Romano family!

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'Piece By Piece'

103 votes

One Slap At A Time

The case for 'Piece By Piece'

On the final season of American Idol, the first ever idol returned back to do some judging of the current contestants, but the real moment for her was when she sang "Piece by Piece"...and then, well let's just say, it looks like Keith will never stop crying. And you probably won't either. — Bee

The case for One Slap At A Time

Ann Romano was a tough lady. If the kids mouthed off to her or misbehaved? Slap!

Julie slap!

Alex slap!

And her kids learned the behavior too!

— Kromm, King Of Slaps

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