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'Piece By Piece' vs. Making Whoopie

It's Kelly Clarkson making everyone cry vs. a classy way of talkin' 'bout bonin'!

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'Piece By Piece'

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Making Whoopie

The case for 'Piece By Piece'

On the final season of American Idol, the first ever idol returned back to do some judging of the current contestants, but the real moment for her was when she sang "Piece by Piece"...and then, well let's just say, it looks like Keith will never stop crying. And you probably won't either. — Bee

The case for Making Whoopie

In a crass world full of violence and nudity, it is refreshing to know there are certain euphemisms we can use to protect our children from utter depravity and vulgarity. One of the great classics, most effectively used on The Newlywed Game is to refer to sex as "making whoopie." How exactly it got the name "whoopie" is unclear, but at least now we have a way to talk about sex on national television without offending Grandma. — ClareWalks

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