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'Piece By Piece' vs. Frasier in Space

It's Kelly Clarkson making everyone cry vs. a case of tossed characters and scrambled shows!

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'Piece By Piece'

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Frasier in Space

The case for 'Piece By Piece'

On the final season of American Idol, the first ever idol returned back to do some judging of the current contestants, but the real moment for her was when she sang "Piece by Piece"...and then, well let's just say, it looks like Keith will never stop crying. And you probably won't either. — Bee

The case for Frasier in Space

I don't know who's crazy idea this skit was... but.... oddly enough it pretty much works. It's totally crazy... but it does.

I hope they gave Kate Mulgrew a nice bonus check for this. It's already hard enough being the straightperson, but having to slip into that role with a group who's rhythm and patter is as well established as this one, and doing a competent job of it, is no small thing.

As to why Kelsey Grammer wasn't in this? He was already part of the Star Trek universe (as a character named Captain Morgan Bateson, from the fairly well known Next Generation episode, “Cause and Effect"). — XXX

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