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Picture It: Sicily 1904 vs. Baked Goods, Pictured

It's Sophia Petrillo's trusty tall-tale intro vs. adorable pastry etchings!

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Picture It: Sicily 1904

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Baked Goods, Pictured

The case for Picture It: Sicily 1904

The years varied (1904; 1912; in this clip, an 1850s tale from before Sophia was born involving a...pool party?), but Sophia Petrillo's tall tales all shared a few key components, including how hot she was before the Great War...and of course the exhortation to her listeners to "Picture it..." — Sarah D. Bunting

The case for Baked Goods, Pictured

You wouldn't think that a baking show filmed in a Union Jack-festooned tent in the middle of the countryside, featuring (a) a cast that truly looks like today's United Kingdom, (b) Carry On-style sexual innuendo, and (c) Mary Berry requires any more help to be more British. But the delightful drawings of the baked goods (by illustrator Tom Hovey), aside from sometimes looking better than the actual finished products, somehow manage to make everyone's favorite baking show greater, and Britisher -- if you will, they're the cherry on top of the cake. — corgi-ears

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