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Phoebe's Holiday Song vs. Vixy Platinum

It's a partially personalized carol vs. the most hilariously dated and judgy SVU take on the internet of them all!

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Phoebe's Holiday Song

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Vixy Platinum

The case for Phoebe's Holiday Song

For Christmas 1997, Phoebe wanted to write her friends a holiday song that was all about them. And after several attempts, she did! For everyone whose names were easy to rhyme, anyway. — Tara Ariano

The case for Vixy Platinum

Ninth-season episode "Avatar" is cringingly crazeballs even for SVU; an inadvertent sexsomnia rape (you heard me) is just a red herring in a larger investigation into (read: indictment of) a Second Life-esque game world called "Another Youniverse." Terrible graphics, hilarious Facespace-y renaming conventions, dun-dun-DUN-alogue like "...Turn on the sun!", and the squad's customary bafflement at the internet's capacity for skeeze despite, you know, WORKING IN THE SEX-CRIMES UNIT, and of course Hey, It's That Evil Parental Figure Kevin Tighe..."Avatar"'s got something for everyone. Vixy Platinum, the predictably try-hard avatar name of the young woman the squad's searching for, is a shorthand for all of it, and whenever I tweet that the ep is on USA and I once again can't look away/stop laughing at it, her name's the one I invoke. — Sarah D. Bunting

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