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Peeno Noir vs. The Red One

It's An Ode to Black Penis vs. an outfit change that pleased many a football fan, but not Sydney Bristow!

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Peeno Noir

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The Red One

The case for Peeno Noir

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Find out who your true friends are
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The case for The Red One

If anyone had any doubts why Jennifer Garner (previously a pretty minor player on Felicity) got her role on Alias, this clip answers that question.

It's not JUST the over-the-top sexiness of how she wears the... outfits... in this clip (but remember, this Season 2 episode aired after a Superbowl broadcast and that was certainly a huge factor in WHY it did). On top of that, you've got Jennifer's excellent "eye acting". By mid-scene you can tell exactly how exasperated Sydney Bristow is with the situation.

And of course there's the kick-ass way she deals with her... admirer... by the end. Come on! That was TV Gold. — Kromm

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