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Pawnee's Slogans vs. Sick, Sad World

It's taglines for America's fourth most obese town vs. Lawndale's best TV show!

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Pawnee's Slogans

191 votes

Sick, Sad World

The case for Pawnee's Slogans

Since its establishment in 1820, Pawnee, Indiana, has tried to keep up with the times, including where its town slogans are concerned. Some are...more evocative than others. — Jenn Brasler

The case for Sick, Sad World

Possibly the best running gag throughout Daria's run, the show featured such topics as The Severed Pianist, Babes in Thailand, Freeloading Familial Phantoms, The Declaration of In My Pants, The Immaculate Confection, The Jaywalking Dead, and Rabid Rodent Rip-off you would always get the story, next, on Sick, Sad World. — PoliVamp

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