Paul Sorvino Played Joe Torre In A TV Biopic

Co-starring a series of wretched green screens as themselves!

What the hell?

Joe Torre's life story -- including the loss of one brother, the identical illness of another, and various managerial setbacks after his storied playing career, culminating in a World Series victory for the '96 Yankees -- got made into a TV biopic starring Sorvino as Torre. Below, a compilation of various horrendously cheap-looking moments from the flick.

Cheapest Moments from Joe Torre: Curveballs... by maxsilvestri

I...I'm sorry, is that Mr. Tori Spelling in that first shot?

I KNOW, RIGHT?! Playing David Cone, who he could only look LESS like if he were African-American. Robert Loggia plays Torre's brother Frank; Isaiah Washington is Dwight Gooden.

Who cares?

Torre continues to work in baseball, for the commissioner's office, so this movie was made at something of an awkward time (three more world championships followed for that Yankee team), but this is kind of a cautionary example of what happens when you sell a baseball story based on non-sport treacle and don't take any care with the baseball part of it.