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Now Leaving Sunnydale vs. Same Parts

It's Sarah McLachlan and the Overalls of Pain vs. Tatianna's spoken word masterpiece!

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Now Leaving Sunnydale

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Same Parts

The case for Now Leaving Sunnydale

Buffy's second season ends with her life in ruins - one of her friends is dead, she's wanted by the police for her murder, her mom has thrown her out of the house and, oh yeah, she's just been forced to kill the love of her life and trap him in a hell dimension in order to save the world. On a season-ending cliffhanger, set to 'Full of Grace', she packs a bag and hops a Greyhound out of town, while her mother (and the audience) break down and sob.

Basically, if you can hear the opening notes of "The winter here's cold...and bitter..." and not have a Pavlovian weeping reaction, your 90s televisual cultural experience is incomplete. — Niall

The case for Same Parts

In 2016, Rupaul blessed us with a second season of Rupaul's Drag Race All Stars. To prove that the queens she invited back were the best of the bunch, Rupaul made the first challenge a talent show in front of a live audience. Tatianna, who competed on season 2 of the show back in 2010, completely destroyed the competition with her hilarious beatnik poetry performance. In her dramatic pauses, gorgeous costume, and dirty-but-not-filthy lines about getting an erection while dancing with a guy who doesn't know they have the same parts (i.e. genitals), Tatianna truly showcased how much she had grown as a performer. "Same Parts" is one of the greatest things I've ever seen on television. — Saraslizabeth

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