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"Norm!" vs. Jack McFarland's Coffee Bender

It's the greeting for Cheers' most consistent patron vs. the motormouthed end product of infatuation with a barista!

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Jack McFarland's Coffee Bender

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The case for Jack McFarland's Coffee Bender

We've all been there — the local barista with a twinkle in his/her eye and some flirty banter, cute with a capital "Q," so we keep going back. Count on Jack to turn a barista crush into an over-caffeinated performance for his friends, complete with a "Mr. Roboto" reference AND a plug for Jack 2000. Sean Hayes got a lot of crap for playing Jack like a complete cartoon, but he doesn't get enough credit for playing Jack like a complete cartoon. — Joe Reid

The case for "Norm!"

What happens when a beer-loving, rotund accountant walks into a bar? One of TV's best running gags. — Trini

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