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"Norm!" vs. Bill's After School Routine

It's the greeting for Cheers' most consistent patron vs. quite possibly the best use of grilled cheese in TV history!

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Bill's After School Routine

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The case for Bill's After School Routine

Bill Haverchuck is one of TV's great characters, and these 94 seconds are a perfect example of the young geek's excellence. Set to "I'm One," you see how Bill keeps himself busy while alone at home every weekday afternoon. Initially it's heartbreaking, but when the music changes and Bill starts laughing through his grilled cheese at Garry Shandling, you realize he is having the time of his life. — Chris W

The case for "Norm!"

What happens when a beer-loving, rotund accountant walks into a bar? One of TV's best running gags. — Trini

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