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"Next One's Comin' Faster." vs. Hot 'N' Foamy Niles

It's a Raylan Givens badass moment vs. an explosive Frasier moment!

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"Next One's Comin' Faster."

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Hot 'N' Foamy Niles

The case for "Next One's Comin' Faster."

Justified’s Deputy Marshal Raylan Givins provided six seasons worth of badass moments, but perhaps none cooler than his mid-run confrontation with freelance crook Wynn Duffy. The scene perfectly captures the comic frustration, barely-restrained anger and whimsical language that make up so much of the character’s DNA. — Certainly Ken

The case for Hot 'N' Foamy Niles

The two plot points of Frasier's "Are You Being Served?" — Niles boldly working on his divorce from Maris but succumbing to a crippling panic attack when he realizes what he has done and Daphne clearly out some of Martin's old junk/ Martin insisting he still uses these things — collide at the end of the episode, with EXPLOSIVE results!

"I'm fine. I'm just a little hot. And foamy." — EllieH

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