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New Jan Sings vs. Rogelio's Alarm

It's a Brady Bunch hour of reckoning vs. another beautiful day to be Rogelio!

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New Jan Sings

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Rogelio's Alarm

The case for New Jan Sings

The writing staff of You're The Worst takes over King Of Disparate TV Things this week. Here's the final entry!

This clip from the 1976 debut episode of The Brady Bunch Hour is one of the best things in the history of television. It features so many delights : Greg Brady thrusting his crotch at showgirls, the bunch singing the vocals to "The Hustle” and video-toastered fire. Best of all, we wrap up with a bonafide solo by New Jan who replaced Old Jan because Old Jan decided life was too short to do this horrible thing.

(note from the author: Once, as a P.A., I tricked Barry Williams into signing my Brady Bunch Hour DVD by turning the cover inside out. It was the happiest day of my life.) — Eva Anderson, writer on You're The Worst

The case for Rogelio's Alarm

He's handsome, he's a terrific actor, he has a beautiful family, and he really pops in every color but peach. Every day truly is a beautiful day to be Rogelio. What a lovely way to wake up every day. — Jennifer

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