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'My Whole Brain Is Crying' vs. Nellie Oleson's Wild Ride

It's the worst idea ever vs. a downhill comeuppance!

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'My Whole Brain Is Crying'

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Nellie Oleson's Wild Ride

The case for 'My Whole Brain Is Crying'

I could submit a hundred clips from the first three seasons of Community (and maybe the "knock, knock, floor!" joke of the lava episode) but this one holds a special place in my heart. I love the fact that Annie almost chloroforms herself while crying. — Chekhov

The case for Nellie Oleson's Wild Ride

So you just found out that the biggest brat in Walnut Grove has been faking paralysis after falling off your beloved horse. What do you do? If you're Laura Ingalls, you push the wheelchair carrying the still-faking-it Nellie Oleson to the top of a hill and wait for Harriet Oleson to come into view. What happens next is the second-most psychotic thing to happen in this Little House on the Prairie episode. — Mike McComb

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