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Murphy Brown's Parade Of Secretaries vs. 'Here Go Hell Come'

It's giving Human Resources a run for their money vs. a fashionable use of syntax!

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Murphy Brown's Parade Of Secretaries

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'Here Go Hell Come'

The case for Murphy Brown's Parade Of Secretaries

In a 1992 speech about family values, Vice President Dan Quayle famously scolded fictional character Murphy Brown for her decision to have a child as an unmarried woman. What he should have taken her to task for was her inability to keep an assistant for more than a day. There were 93 of them over the 10-year run of the show, all listed in the closing credits by number (Secretary #1, "Secretary #42, etc.). All fell short of Murphy's expectations, however brief a chance she gave them. — pound foolish

The case for 'Here Go Hell Come'

Bravo's Project Runway replacement series The Fashion Show didn't leave much of a legacy, though this line from second season runner-up Calvin Tran sure as hell tries. — Mike McComb

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