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Murder, She Froze vs. Fame Costs

It's the most annoying way to end TV episodes ever vs. paying in sweat!

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Murder, She Froze

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Fame Costs

The case for Murder, She Froze

You know what's a bad cliche? Freeze framing to end an episode of a TV show.

One of the worst offenders was Murder She Wrote. They did it EVERY episode.

Here's proof: the freeze frames ending every episode of Season 1. What's even worse is how totally lame some of the freezes are. Some are kind of cute, but most of them just seem kind of random--ending on shots that don't seem especially significant or interesting (there's one really good one mixed in where they zoom in on the face of a guy who's clearly gotten away with something extra evil though). — Kromm, Angela Lansbury SuperFan

The case for Fame Costs

Debbie Allen's iconic anti-pep-talk from the first episode of Fame wound up in the opening credits of every subsequent episode, becoming forever associated with Allen, dance class, and the very word fame. You want it? Well it costs. And right here is where you start paying. In sweat. — Adam "The Equalizer" Grosswirth

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