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Multiple Techniques vs. 'It Kills Me Kira!'

It's Tasha Yar's sex droid vs. Dave's love for his girlfriend!

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Multiple Techniques

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'It Kills Me Kira!'

The case for Multiple Techniques

Mister Data was often out of place among the crew of the Enterprise, either being completely clueless socially, or overwhelmingly superior technically. But he could prove useful. — Greg French

The case for 'It Kills Me Kira!'

Now The Real World is famous for having the roommates boyfriends and girlfriends visit and having things not go so great, probably because said girlfriend or boyfriend finds out that their cast member boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating on them with someone, most likely another roommate. In the case of David and David's girlfriend Kira, the situation was that Kira had been a casting director for said show who fell for David during his interview and made the choice to date him and lose her job with production. So when Kira came out to see him, well, things got kind of..intense. — B

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