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Mr. Garvey's Roll Call vs. Space Vampire's Giant Unibrow

It's discovering where A-A-Ron is vs. a lack of Volvon electrolysis!

226 votes

Mr. Garvey's Roll Call

54 votes

Space Vampire's Giant Unibrow

The case for Mr. Garvey's Roll Call

It doesn't get much better than Mr. Garvey, who taught school in the inner city for 20 years, taking attendance as a substitute teacher. If you're not careful, you could get sent to Principal O-Shag-Henessy's office for being insubordinate and churlish. — cynicat

The case for Space Vampire's Giant Unibrow

When Buck Rogers thaws out in the 25th century, he has to relearn units of distance as they are now are based on the longest thing in the galaxy — this space vampire's unibrow.

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