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Mr. Garvey's Roll Call vs. Rumor Has It

It's discovering where A-A-Ron is vs. a Glee showstopper with a bonus slap!

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Mr. Garvey's Roll Call

437 votes

Rumor Has It

The case for Mr. Garvey's Roll Call

It doesn't get much better than Mr. Garvey, who taught school in the inner city for 20 years, taking attendance as a substitute teacher. If you're not careful, you could get sent to Principal O-Shag-Henessy's office for being insubordinate and churlish. — cynicat

The case for Rumor Has It

"Glee" got dragged through the mud by the end, and it often even deserved it. And yes, the mash-up thing is dated. But the show managed a few unimpeachable moments in its run, almost always in a killer combination of song, emotion, and performance. Moments like this are why some of us stuck with the show despite all reason. — Dave S.

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