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Mr. Garvey's Roll Call vs. Charla And Mirna's Universally Insulting Accents

It's discovering where A-A-Ron is vs. a way of speaking that insulted everyone worldwide!

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Mr. Garvey's Roll Call

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Charla And Mirna's Universally Insulting Accents

The case for Mr. Garvey's Roll Call

It doesn't get much better than Mr. Garvey, who taught school in the inner city for 20 years, taking attendance as a substitute teacher. If you're not careful, you could get sent to Principal O-Shag-Henessy's office for being insubordinate and churlish. — cynicat

The case for Charla And Mirna's Universally Insulting Accents

I could submit almost ANY moment from The Amazing Race with Charla & Mirna and it would probably be pretty amusing. They were annoying as all hell, but the flip side of that is that almost any random clip of them can generate some yuks. Almost every task from them was some hapless disaster. There was lots of yelling and screaming. Lots of over the top drama. And if anyone assumes it was usually the LITTLE person causing the drama (or the hilarity) well.... it usually wasn't (not that she didn't do her share too, but her taller cousin was the source of the most outrageous stuff).

With such a banquet to choose from what do we eat?

Well my favorite treat from them was the way they pretty much invented their own language. Anywhere they were in the world, it didn't really matter, they'd put on these funny over the top accents that didn't really fit anywhere. As if that made them magically more understandable to the locals. Here's just ONE clip where they did it--really if we dug we could probably find dozens. — Kromm

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