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'Meoww!' vs. Seattle Grace Prom Night

It's an Irish drinking song meltdown vs. the night Denny's went out of business!

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Seattle Grace Prom Night

The case for 'Meoww!'

Whose Line Is It Anyway often brings the laughter, but we all know it's even funnier when they go off the rails. During one particular Irish Drinking Song Drew Carey joined in. In typical Drew fashion, he garbled his line. In true improvisor fashion, Ryan Stiles "yes and"ed it hard making Wayne Brady lose it and then Drew loses it, too; leading to Colin Mochrie's MEOW! Leading to them all just losing it. And just when you think it's all lost, and even Colin is about to give up, Ryan brings them back around and they finish it off, including another MEOW! — aquarian1

The case for Seattle Grace Prom Night

"Sorry, coding patient, your doctor is doing the Cha Cha Slide in the cafeteria right now. She should be back after this Snow Patrol song is over." Now with more Alex Karev, the quintessential a-hole with a heart of gold! — KD

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