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Mary's Beret vs. Heart, The Most Useless Power

It's an iconic hat-toss vs. Captain Planet's fifth element!

192 votes

Mary's Beret

37 votes

Heart, The Most Useless Power

The case for Mary's Beret

It's a moment so iconic, they put up a statue in honor of it. It's an impulsive gesture that said: big girl, big city, big dreams. This is your chance, so reach out and grab it with both hands! Toss your hat in the air with a determined abandon, because you're gonna make it after all. — @CertainlyKen

The case for Heart, The Most Useless Power

"Without a heart to guide them, the other powers are useless." Sure, Gaia. Because I'd choose to fight off a mutant with empathy instead of, like, a fireball or a tornado any day. — generate789

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