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Lunch And A Show: Your (Last) Moment Of Zen

The Daily Show bids farewell to Jon Stewart. The Republican field and Trump, no such luck.

The curtain came down on the Jon Stewart era of The Daily Show last night, and our own Nick Rheinwald-Jones talked about the men behind the man. Stephen Colbert came by to send Stewart off.

Fast Company made a supercut of all Stewart's best moments OH MY GOD HE WAS SO YOUNG.

And in honor of the Republican debates last night -- which, once I noticed how much Rand Paul looks like Aiden Gillen's Tommy Carcetti on The Wire, freaked me out even more -- here's the Washington Free Beacon's supercut of all the times CNN said "Donald Trump" in 24 hours.

According to The New Yorker, Trump's still in it, which is nice for him since he doesn't have a day job to go back to anymore. Less nice for him is that Rosie O'Donnell is going to punch him in the tits one day, to death, and nobody's even going to bother arresting her.

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Until the primaries get Trump fired, here's Andrew Smithson's collected non-Celebrity Apprentice firings:

Love you, Carolyn.


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