Lunch And A Show Takes A History

Drunk History, family history, American history, and ham!

Tara followed Nashville to Natchez for a peek into Beverly's history (while Juliette's "history" of handling kids badly added another chapter), and on today's EHG Mini, we wondered how history would have been different if our favorite shows' casts did a total gender swap. Jessica charted all the Survivor history the contestants learned, and Rollins's troubled history reared its ugly head on SVU. Aaaaaaagain.

And EW's James Hibbard got the scoop on how Mythbusters is history after this, its 14th season -- and Adam and Jamie's history of kind of only having anything in common on camera -- in two separate interviews with Savage and Hyneman.

Or perhaps a master class in scenery-chewing is more your speed at mealtime. If so, enjoy Barry Bostwick feasting on every napkin and crown molding on the set in George Washington.

Or just nitpick the liberties Turn: Washington's Spies takes with history at the TURN To A Historian blog.

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