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Lunch And A Show Plays The (Good Wife) Feud

Plus premieres, finales, and Shays getting shafted.

The Good Wife returned last night with another reset (and the worst wig yet); Tara reports on that and the Martindale agenda, plus Adam took a break from Particling Once Upon A Time to talk about that, TGW, Star Trek: TOS and more with us on Extra Hot Great. (Yeah, we talked about The Feud. Yeah, Margulies is still denying it. Yeah, the "Panja-be crazy" theory makes some sense. No, I don't buy it.)

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Seems like a Rosalind Shaysing could have solved this problem quite a bit more elegantly.

And it's not the only show that's back: I checked in with Homeland's reset, Lisa and Phil clocked Noah 'til the break of dawn on The Affair, and Matt hope-watched the premiere of The Leftovers.

Meanwhile, Omar bid farewell to two of his apocalypassignments as The Strain and Fear The Walking Dead each wrapped their seasons. Over on Project Greenlight, Pete Jones wrapped for the series, and John and I fantasized about wrapping our hands around Jason Mann's neck.


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